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Authorities in the Italian town of Piacenza on Friday confirmed a painting found hidden in a wall of the local art gallery was by the Austrian master Gustav Klimt, ending doubts over its authenticity.

1/18/2020 3:19:48 AM

Tourists were turned away from the Louvre on Friday as striking staff blocked the entrance to the world's most-visited museum.

1/17/2020 10:44:53 AM

Five towering wooden figures dwarf visitors to the "Lend Me Your Dream" exhibition at Dakar's Museum of Black Civilisations. The sculptures of fire-darkened cedar stand in a circle, as if deep in conversation.

1/17/2020 7:17:33 AM

Indigenous weaver and fashion designer Alberto Lopez knew he wanted to be a traditional weaver early on, but there was a problem: the artisans who worked the looms in his village in the lush mountains of southern Mexico were all women.

1/16/2020 1:43:51 PM

An 83-year-old former Spanish bank chairman was fined 52 million euros ($58 million) on Thursday after being convicted of smuggling a Pablo Picasso painting abroad after it was designated a national treasure.

1/16/2020 10:58:40 AM

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Religion scholar Elaine Pagels lost her young son to terminal illness and her husband a year later in an accident. She spoke to Fresh Air in November 2018 about loss and faith.

1/17/2020 12:20:00 PM

The final two contestants test their knowledge of everything from world leaders to puppets in this rapid-fire game of smarts and strategy.

1/17/2020 10:05:58 AM

In this music parody game, songs from the New Jack Swing movement are rewritten about things that very literally swing — or can be swung.

1/17/2020 10:05:58 AM

The contestants swap two-letter terms and phrases for states that share those same two letters in this high-concept word game. It's that simple!

1/17/2020 10:05:58 AM

In this audio quiz, contestants strike a pose and stay verrrrry still as they identify viral internet challenges.

1/17/2020 10:05:58 AM