"Waterdale" 12 Tumbywood Road, Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

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  • 5 Beds
  • 6 Baths

This super luxury residence has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Breathtaking - Spellbinding Blue Views.

Supremely private, it's the ultimate vacation home- Beverly Hills style.

Comprising -

Formal and informal accommodation, Cinema, indoor pool and Hydro-spa for year round luxury, Outdoor fully lined fresh water swimming lake with decking and beach area for hot summer days.
This property has everything.

Four + bedrooms including a superb master suite.
Billiards Room, Kitchen with butlers pantry and top-spec Miele appliances and Liebherr refrigeration.
A "Pool Side" including a high-end grill system with full mechanical ventilation and Wet Bar.
A temperature controlled cellar and cigar room.
A mirrored Gym or 5th bedroom, Home Office or 6th bedroom.
Au-pair quarters, copious storage and Garaging for 5 cars complete the picture.

This property has the absolute best of everything both internally and externally.
Absolutely no expense was spared in its construction and in its fit out.

Inspections are strictly by prior appointment and for vendor security your contact phone number will be required with your enquiry.
Your details will not be used for marketing and will not be shared

There are many variables to consider when assessing the Feng Shui of land and of the house built on it.
Firstly, you must access the Chi quality of the land itself.
Does the land look and feel vibrant, is the vegetation lush and full of life?

Waterdale is full of life.
It’s bursting with strength and vitality. Lush green lawns, an abundance of trees. Citrus trees weighed down with fruit and produce beds overloaded with kitchen vegetables.
Native trees in exemplary condition.
Bright colours abound from this garden all year round.

The best Feng Shui positioning is when the house has slightly raised land behind it. Land very slightly higher when compared to the land in front of the house. This will resemble the classical feng shui land positioning of the Turtle one of the celestial Feng Shui Animals - as protection and good backing for the house.
The arrangement of the Classical feng shui positioning of the house on the land is as follows (when the house is viewed from outside)

House - Front : The Phoenix - open space to allow good Chi to gather and nourish the house.

Right Side of the House : The Dragon - slightly higher than the left side which gives good support and prosperity.

Left Side of the House : The Tiger - slightly lower than the right side.
Back of the House : The Turtle - raised land behind the house the ideal shape in classical feng shui

Waterdale is a natural rectangle in the shape of its land.
This rectangle shape is considered to provide posible best feng shui.
This shape allow for a harmonious gathering and accumulation of energies.
It is also best when you have more land in the back of the house as compared to the front. In classical feng shui, this is considered most auspicious as it allows wealth energy to accumulate.

As for other features, a body of water in front of the house, such as a lake, a river or a well-taken care of pool or pond, is excellent feng shui.

Waterdale has the very best good Feng Shui that it is possible for a residence to achieve. Everything has been taken into account in maximising what a site which is naturally high in positive Chi is capable of delivering with the landscaping and the house design.

当莫宁顿半岛上最好的建筑师发现了最出色的景观和最完美的地点时,他当然毫无妥协地在此搭 建了房子。
欢迎来到沃特代尔​ ​-​ ​红山。这个房产是完美的,因为它是无暇的。
如果你所追求的是完美​ ​-​ ​你不必再到处寻觅了。
辽阔的蓝色风景最是引人入胜。它们简直令人叹为观止,凝视此堪称为澳大利亚最大且最美丽的 蓝色景观之一,很容易让人入迷。一旦你抽离了醉人的景色,你会发现沃特代尔的庭园是一片伊 甸园。

沃特代尔宽阔的露天阳台俯瞰易于护理的草坪、经修剪的灌木和本土植物小径、柠檬、橘子、酸 橙和杏树、厨房花园农产繁育床和一个覆盖满紫藤的凉亭,围绕着一个天然的水池。 . 崇高的位于最私密的地点,却非常靠近莫宁顿半岛最好的餐馆、葡萄园、画廊和咖啡馆。
沃特代尔坐落在一个安静的山谷中,拥有从阿瑟斯座椅一直到海湾对岸的皇后区悬崖和​ ​You Yangs​ ​的全景。观看帆船、豪华游艇和巨大的游轮在海湾航行。每天可凝视新的夕阳,然后在晚 上,看到墨尔本市、安全海滩、Dromana、玛莎湾和玛莎山沿着海岸线闪烁的灯光。

这所精心设计并无瑕可击的房子拥有由入口隔开的两翼。这是为365天的娱乐和豪华生活而设计 的家居。一个没有妥协的家园。​ ​绝对的奢华,任何时刻,任何天气状况。
沃特代尔包含​ ​-​ ​正规的起居室​ ​-​ ​索兰托石壁炉。​ ​这间起居室通向天然泳池和广阔的阳台。 . 客厅​ ​-​ ​宽敞的窗户以享受菲利普港湾和庭园的全景。
正规的餐厅​ ​–​ ​开放式壁炉,布帘和薄纱,可欣赏到前花园和海湾的景色。
室内游泳池、温泉,配有花岗岩台面的烧烤和娱乐区,不锈钢QASAIR抽油烟机。​ ​-​ ​LUX内置烧 烤。不锈钢燃气内置炒锅-MIELE洗碗机。配有玻璃安全围栏的无边泳池和温泉​ ​。
粉末房/淋浴房(游泳池用)​ ​-​ ​​ ​配有水槽和6号洗手间。
厨房​ ​-​ ​花岗岩台面,Gessi混合龙头。热/冷水龙头双不锈钢水槽。完整的MIELE厨房用具和最高 质量的全套橱柜,配置完善。
管家储藏室​ ​–​ ​内置LIEBHERR不锈钢冰箱加LIEBHERR​ ​50/50冰箱冰柜。
洗衣房​ ​-​ ​整个房子的所有服务橱柜抽屉都属软闭合​ ​-​ ​花岗岩台面​ ​-​ ​Miele电器,双不锈钢水槽,电 视,软触摸橱柜​ ​-​ ​菲利普港湾和阿瑟斯座椅的景观。​ ​是的,即使洗衣房也有令人惊叹的景色。

主人套房​ ​–​ ​从地板到天花板的窗户俯瞰天然游泳池和花园,门打开直通沃特代尔的阳台。下拉电 视,通过遥控器控制,在天花板上,可在床上观看。​ ​他和她的步入式衣橱(更衣室)。
套间浴室​ ​-​ ​独立的V&B浴缸。​ ​厕所和坐浴盆。​ ​加热的毛巾架。​ ​双人淋浴。​ ​花岗岩台面,配有嵌 入式盆地。
卧室2​ ​-​ ​一流的海湾景观,遥控窗帘,套间,步入式衣橱。​ ​卧室3​ ​-​ ​一流的海湾景色,遥控窗帘, 套间,步入式衣橱。​ ​卧室4​ ​-​ ​花园景观​ ​-​ ​遥控窗帘,步入式衣橱,套间。​ ​健身房​ ​–​ ​配有镜像墙。 . 书房​ ​–​ ​全套的橱柜,双门。​ ​大门​ ​-​ ​令人惊叹的蓝色全景。
粉末房,台球室​ ​–​ ​配有双门,花岗岩台面的调酒台。​ ​电影院​ ​–​ ​7个座位的剧院。地窖/品尝室​ ​-​ ​温 度控制和完善的酒槽。​ ​车库​ ​–​ ​​ ​5辆汽车容量和
Address "Waterdale" 12 Tumbywood Road, Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
Type of Dwelling House
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Sub-Area other
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 6